UETD Women – Who We Are

UETD Women is represented in 16 different countries with 144 branches.
The foundation of our corporate work generates respect and mutual understanding of differences. Therefore, UETD Women has made it a duty to be nongovernmental organization that takes care of the interests of Eurpean Turkish Women, in order to resolve prejudice thoughts in society alongside advocating to coorperate with different women`s associations of Europe for the peace of society. UETD Women acts as a bridge between Europe and Turkey and adds value to the Euro-Turkish partnership.

Our vision

1. UETD Women aims to support women’s social, political and cultural development and help them take active roles in society, and attach great importance to cooperate with other women’s associations present in all countries, regardless of religion, language, race and gender.
2. UETD Women aims to identify the current problems of ethnic Turkish women and to make them aware of their democratic rights and to produce theoretical and practical solutions to develop political, legal and social beings in the field of justice and rule of law.
3. UETD Women supports the native language education of children living in Europe and carries out activities to raise their level of education and uses this to cooperate with the educational institutions of the respective countries.
4. UETD Women provides these tools to support their work in areas of social and cultural significance:
– Organize events on special days and weeks
– Educational seminars, panels and conferences
– International Women summits
– Fundraising campaigns

The vision of UETD Women is to work actively against Islamophobia and racism in all countries using dialogue and referral channels.